Oil and Lube


Brakes are pretty much the most important safety device on your car. Inspecting your brakes twice a year for wear and damage can protect you and your passengers.

Quality brake repair service should be every driver’s top priority. We stay on top of your vehicle’s braking system by performing timely inspections and efficient maintenance services to further enhance your brake system performance.

Don’t wait for your brakes to fail!

We believe in a proactive approach to brake repair and overall auto maintenance. Rather than wait for your brakes to malfunction, we help you stay ahead of any brake repair needs by having our brake repair experts identify any potential problems, and address them before they become dangerous.

Brake System Components That Can Fail
  • The master cylinder, the heart of the vehicle’s braking system.
  • The brake fluid itself can become dirty. Clean brake fluid is either clear or slightly yellow, while dirty brake fluid may be brown or even black. Old and dirty brake fluid can damage ABS brake systems internally.
  • The brake lines connect to the master cylinder through a combination valve, which combines a metering and proportioning valve.